We are proud to present the 3rd edition of M.A.P.S (Metropolitan Audio Pain Source) Festival this March, in Queens, NY. This year we welcome ALFARMANIA and TRERIKSRĂ–SET for their first live appearances in the USA, amongst the most vital units of American industrial/noise/power electronics.

The festival will take place Friday, March 25th and Saturday, March 26th at:

Trans Pecos | 915 Wyckoff Ave, Queens NY.

Advance Tickets: $25 for both days. $15 each day, door only. Contact: mapsfest@gmail.com.

Information and audio samples:

ALFARMANIA | Post-mortem / power electronic depravity from Sundsvall, Sweden. Brimming with insanity, negative emotional charge and filthy technocratic dizziness. Crafted with primitive tools revealing claustrophobia syndrome among four walls of an asylum, the hell of chemical paradise and existential terror. This will be their first performance on US soil.
https://soundcloud.com/alfarmania http://alfarmania.se

TRERIKSRĂ–SET | Legendary noise unit of Tommy Carlsson, owner of Segerhuva and Abisko labels. All instrument as my cock. First US appearance. Listen: "Puking Blood" Side A

KAKERLAK | Kakerlak is a prominent American act thrusting venomous daggers into thee definitive noise-industrial fields for over a decade. Listen: "Reproductive Activity Rhythms" Side A 

JASON CRUMER | American noise producer currently residing in Baltimore, MD. Operator of No Rent Records, and has released albums on RRRrecords, Hospital productions, Blossoming noise, and Harsh Head Rituals. 

FFH | American Power Electronics. Listen: "Hitler Jugend Dagger"

CLIMAX DENIAL | Lurking just at the edge of the shadows for over a decade, Milwaukee's Climax Denial has been honing his brand of psychosexual, obsessive and fetish driven power electronics across a broad spectrum of tape, vinyl and CD releases on labels such as Urashima, Hospital Productions, Nil By Mouth, among others.
Listen: "Dehumanizing Environments"

PRIVATE ARCHIVE | Fuck and suck mantras for your primordial pleasures.
Listen: "Honey Aspic Enema" | http://www.private-archive.com/

DETERGE + special guest | Spastic industrial harsh noise scientist.
 Listen: "Accrete to Me" | http://fustycunttapes.blogspot.com/

TASKMASTER | Harsh noise project currently based in Montreal, QC. TASKMASTER has been active since 2005, touring North America, playing festivals ((Noise! 6th 8th + 10th,, Vancouver Noise Fest + 10th, Pure Harsh Noise Worship, Ende Tymes IV + V) and has released material on various labels (Troniks, Harsh Head Rituals, Trash Rituals, rundownsun, Militant Walls, Nurse Etiquette, Phage Tapes). Video: Live Ende Tymes 2014

ANAL HEARSE | Sadopsychedelic Industrial Electronics

SLAVE COORDINATION | VAT, Legless, and Skinner.

HEAT SIGNATURE | Pure American harsh NOISE as we know and love from Luke Tandy (BEING) and Brad Griggs. Listen: "7/16/15" | http://www.skeletondustrecordings.com/

BREAKING THE WILL | Stefan's performance last year at MAPS was so intense that we had to invite him back. Masterful american harsh noise.
Listen: "Learning Not To Care" | http://newforcesnoise.blogspot.com/ | http://breakingthewill.blogspot.com/

NO DREAMS | Starved of social interaction, grudges held harder than the burden of guilt. Semblances of hope and reason decaying and subsiding into total misery and pain. Stubborn, slow unfolding tape manipulations. Dead atmospheres. Total negativity.
Listen: "pessimistic subsidence" | http://depravitylabel.blogspot.com/

STRIATIONS/INTERRACIAL SEX | Two of the USA's most depraved power electronics acts get together to cuckold you into feedback drenched rusty machete oblivion. 
INTERRACIAL SEX "Blessed Infibulation" | STRIATIONS: "Stalking Chameleon" (Excerpt)

AISCHROLATREIA | Core unit of the Fieldwork label, renegade industrial noise/power electronics from NYC. First live appearance since MAPS Vol. II. Listen: "Sentient Prison"

SHREDDED NERVE | Shredded Nerve is the current noise project of Justin Lakes focused on structure, repetition, and atmosphere. Sounds are comprised of four track tape loop manipulation, processed field recordings, and crude feedback systems. Performing new material with video accompaniment from Chelsea Marks. Listen: "Whatever it Takes"

TERROR CELL UNIT | Anonymous power electronics duo from Oakland, Califas. Practitioners of cultural terrorism. Listen: "Matthew 27:24"

SKANDER | Menacing, blurry atmospherics. Feels like being bundled up in the boot of a car, your senses straining, the sounds of the city streaming past. Listen: "Leather Chaser"

DIE KOMBINATION | Atmospheric Industrial/ Electronic music from Germany. Endangered Species label. Listen: "Territion"

WORTH | Crude internal feedback harsh noise from Providence, Rhode Island. Live at Ende Tymes 2014

FIELD GRAVE | Aggressive power electronics.

VENERENCE | Industrial/ritual music from Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth, Heaven Street records). Releases on Total Black & Chondritic Sound. Listen: "HAAG Z'LA"

CORPILE | Special collaboration between CORPUSCLE and NYC's COMPILE. Material symptoms of digital surreality. Black man on hoverboard, rice stuffed in orifice. Spit digital into thy mouth.

PENCHANT | NYC noise/power electronics. Listen: "Razer"