MAPS was born from the void, and continues its search for it.
This year, we turn towards another Metropolis plagued with the harsh realities born from wealth, poverty, drugs, and disease; a broken mirror to the corpus of technocratic consumerism and its leaking vessels. San Francisco and The Bay Area.

With the recent reopening of RS94109 in the heart of The Tenderloin, the opportunity arose to work with people whose vision resembles ours. Also, situating the event on the opposite side of the country places us in close proximity to the Pacific for the first time.

MAPS is a platform for experimental music and performance. Formed by an intimate group of artists, we showcase the diversity and complexity of the American industrial and harsh noise scene within the context of a global scale. MAPS attempts to push the boundaries of this genre through performances of personal narrative, hyper-realistic cutups, and surrealist exposition. We welcome an environment of inclusion and complete personal expression.

"More like a mirror we reflect society, some things you might not ordinarily look at. A dark and perversely twisted photo-journalism. Freaks and other like-minded individuals aren't the only people who can look past "-isms" and "-ologies" to find a relevant voice. NOISE is as old as millions of years of volcanic eruption and mountain erosion. The modern industry of metal and machines added more to this mix. All we do is use everything at our disposal to record the true power that had been filling the airwaves since the beginning of time." - Joseph Roemer

Ticket Information:

$20 each day at door for RS
$15 for pre-fest admission at undisclosed Oakland location
$45 all inclusive festival pass BUY
$55 all inclusive festival pass + t-shirt BUY

Legendary Japanese NOISE from Yasutoshi Yoshida.  Known from his long running label XERXES as well as releases on Segerhuva, MSNP and others. Government Alpha is a complete assault on the ears and sits at the same throne of the gods of Japanoise- M.S.B.R, Incapacitants, and C.C.C.C.

MAPS III witnessed the first US performance of ALFARMANIA. This year we welcome its creator back to the states. Meditations on death channeled through postmortem industrial scapes. The wolf hour awaits. |


LINEKRAFT is Masahiko Okubo aka Tetsuo Linekraft Okubo.
A leader of the Japanese new-generation of Industrial-Noise makers.
Masahiko is mainly recording his sounds by scraping and torturing metals, the result is a kind of intense PE Noise. A Return to the origins of Industrial scraping noise.

Dark Heavy Electronics. Control has made a name as one of the finest american power electronics acts since the end of the nineties with a multitude of releases and highly regarded live performances in europe and the U.S.

BACILLUS | US Bacillus began in the early 90’s as dystopian fetish music for the outbreak of infectious diseases of all kinds. Emphasizing urgency, chaos, and panic, Bacillus’ sharp scalpels and magnifying glasses put humanity under a microscope resulting in sounds of internal bleeding, pandemonium, and parasitic nightmare. Bacillus resides in Seattle, Washington with past releases on Slaughter Productions and Self Abuse Records.

A rare opportunity to witness a performance by the legendary figure behind the Povertech Industries label and classic US noise act Crawl Unit.


Concrete sounds, samples and sparse electronics, organized into a fractured, pulsating, heavily textured industrial noise. Active since 2010, HSV has released tapes on Throne Heap, Total Black, Posh Isolation, and Järtecknet.


Generated primarily through the use of electronics, guitars, tapes, and junk metal, Theta creates hallucinatory Industrial Noise focusing on psychic collapse in a society in which the old flesh burns as fuel, consumed in the service of the ascension of technocratic demigods. Theta has previously released two full length tapes—“Scire”  on Influencing Machine and “His Eyes Were Black and I Could See the Circuitry Beneath” on Cathartic Process—and appeared on the “Slutstationen” compilation released by Styggelse.

Cruor Incendia 
| CA
Cruor Incendia is the moniker of Ryan Jencks, whose stint in the extreme music underground has included both membership in a stylistically wide-ranging array of projects the last 25+yrs, from the chaotically psychedelic Crash Worship, to the blackened haunting noise duo Deathroes, to the atmospheric black metal band Dispirit, to collaborations with Zbigniew Karkowski, Joke Lanz, and members of Neurosis, to the sublimely brutalist ecstatic barrage of his long-running solo project SIXES and Azog. Cruor Incendia illustrates Jencks’ knack for interweaving cryptic dark industrial marches with blistering harsh noise assaults.

Pedestrian Deposit | CA
Highly composed, often abstract sound textures combined to create dynamic experimental music drawing on the duo’s widely contrasting auditory obsessions.

JH1.FS3 | CA
JH1.FS3 is the deeply personal music of Frederikke Hoffmeier and Jesse Sanes. With words spoken amidst a savvy re-assembly of 20th century avant-sonics: musique concrète, technique extension, and pure electronic sound, their live sets - and recent LP on Sweden's iDEAL Recordings - utilize hypnotic material and hi-res field recordings they manage to smuggle out of REM sleep. The listener is granted entry into the inner zones of the duo’s private and artistic relationship.
Exclusively for MAPS fest, JH1.FH3 will depart from their more subtle “cinema of the ear” to debut a special, and notably less cerebral, presentation of cacophonous discord: “Cockflag”.

51717 | NY
51717 is a project of heavy electronic minimalism. She explores restraint, power, ritualism ב"ה


One man power electronics project from Germany. Seeking myths of darkness and death throughout history of mankind. Bringing back to life an ancestral knowledge residing in our unconscious mind - a connective force between noble spirits. Reincarnated through the perpetual turning of the wheel acting like a tidal force between polar counterparts. Recordings released on Endangered Species label, NYC.

Interracial Sex | WAHumanity is biologically hardwired to fetishize conception. Some of us are audacious enough to embrace that urge. We recognize the depth of pleasure in breeding. And we long to mix blood. Sleazy harsh noise and power electronics for the sexually adventurous and self aware.

|  NY + SF
Nihilistic Death Worship. 

H.C.O.D | NY

Blades of power electronics/industrial noise sharpened to blur your already weak vision. Musick for blood drenched imperium.


Laments of the overman. Back against the world.

Compile + Private Archive | SF + NY
Dissociative Electronics for the Nothing World.  

Striations | OAKLAND
Psychosexual power electronics dedicated to your favorite criminal celebrities. From Ho Chi Minh City to San Quentin.